Industry Leadership

CPM Group has pioneered fundamental and econometric research in commodities.

We have developed and maintained the basic gold and silver supply and demand estimates used by the markets since the 1970s. We produced what is considered the first market report on platinum group metals in 1981, and have maintained a data base containing our estimates of supply and demand for these metals since then. We always have been on the forefront in employing economic, econometric, and computerized research into the fundamentals and price projections for precious metals, energy markets, base and specialty metals, other commodities, and currencies. Our members were involved in creating the modern gold and silver leasing business, commodities options strategies, and project financing using metals loans and pre-paid forwards. We have pushed the corners of the envelope in many areas of commodities research and finance for more than three decades.

CPM Group’s research program was started in the 1970s, based on the view that precious metals and other commodities markets were highly assymetrical, poorly reported and understood by many market participants, and often clouded by misinformation and false assumptions about the nature of these markets. The view was that if we could build and maintain a more reliable and accurate reading of actual market conditions, our clients and our operation could outperform many of our peers that might be relying on unreliable information. This thesis has been time tested and proven effective.