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View chartGold11/24/201407:10$1,196.70$1,197.70-1.60-0.13%$1,192.10$1,204.50
View chartSilver11/24/201407:10$16.46$16.56-0.01-0.03%$16.18$16.60
View chartPlatinum11/24/201407:10$1,209.00$1,$1,194.00$1,234.00
View chartPalladium11/24/201407:10$793.00$798.003.000.38%$784.00$805.00
View chartRhodium11/24/201406:00$1,135.00$1,$1,130.00$1,400.00
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  • Annual Net Additions to PGM Exchange Traded Product Holdings
  • Chinese Silver Imports and Exports
  • Commercial Vehicle Sales in Major Auto Markets
  • Exchange Traded Funds' Physical Gold Holdings
  • Price: $5,000.00
    Long-Term Outlooks

    CPM Group’s Platinum Group Metals Secondary Supply Outlook 2013 is the definitive source for platinum, palladium...

  • Long-Term Outlooks

    The Rhodium Market Outlook is a comprehensive review of the rhodium market with projections for supply...

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    Sale price: $125.00
    Annual Yearbooks

    CPM Group's Silver Yearbook 2013 is the most comprehensive source of information, statistics, and analysis on the international silver market.

  • Long-Term Outlooks

    A comprehensive study of the global gold market including projections through 2024 of gold supply by mine and scrap, demand by end-use, official transactions, investment demand, and prices.

  • Regular price: $150.00
    Sale price: $100.00
    Annual Yearbooks

    The CPM Group Silver Yearbook 2012 contains definitive and detailed statistics on the international...

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