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View chartGold09/26/201609:49$1,341.80$1,342.804.700.35%$1,332.60$1,343.10
View chartSilver09/26/201609:49$19.60$19.70-0.08-0.41%$19.31$19.73
View chartPlatinum09/26/201609:49$1,042.00$1,047.00-12.00-1.14%$1,030.00$1,049.00
View chartPalladium09/26/201609:49$692.00$697.00-7.00-1.00%$681.00$698.00
View chartRhodium09/26/201608:30$635.00$735.000.000.00%$575.00$1,113.00
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  • Annual Net Additions to PGM Exchange Traded Product Holdings
  • Chinese Silver Imports and Exports
  • Commercial Vehicle Sales in Major Auto Markets
  • Exchange Traded Funds' Physical Gold Holdings
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    Monthly Advisories

    CPM Group's monthly update and analysis of the precious metals markets.

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    Annual Yearbooks
  • Price: $160.00
    Annual Yearbooks

    CPM Group's Silver Yearbook 2015 is the most comprehensive source of information, statistics, and analysis on the international silver market.

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    Monthly Advisories

    This monthly report provides comprehensive coverage of medium-term developments...

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    Annual Yearbooks

    The CPM Group Silver Yearbook 2012 contains definitive and detailed statistics on the international...

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