Timmins Gold Corp


• An emerging gold development company with a market capitalization of US$ 25 million prior to engagement of CPM Group.
• Required US$ 15-25 million of debt capital to complete development of its San Francisco gold project located in Sonora State, Mexico.
• Life of mine production expected to average 80,000 oz Au per year.
• Client was looking to minimize hedging requirements and maintain operational flexibility.

CPM Group’s Involvement

• Identified debt sourcing options, conducted market sounding and advised on optimal funding arrangements.
• Structured US$ 25 million term and revolving credit facilities.
• Developed detailed financial model and information memorandum used by arranger as the basis for their due diligence process and documentation, reducing the time required to obtain credit approval.
• Supported associated corporate equity raise.
• Assisted in sourcing of gold refining relationships and contracts.
• Assisted in the selection and appointment of due diligence consultants: technical, insurance, environmental, legal counsel and model auditor and defining their scopes of work.