Commodities Management Team

CPM Group's Commodities Management Team primarily consists of the company's two most senior employees, who draw on the expertise of the entire firm to provide commodities management services to our Clients.

The commodities management group has more than 40 years experience advising clients on commodities. Our group also leverages the firm's in-house commodities research knowledge and financial advisory experience when assisting clients.

Carlos Sanchez is Director of Commodities and Asset Management. He has been involved in commodities price risk management and asset management programs at CPM Group since 1999. He works closely with CPM Managing Partner and Founder Jeffrey M. Christian in managing these programs.

The Commodities Management programs at CPM Group draw on the entire staff at our company. Research analysts are used extensively to help qualify market outlook and to assess positions' risks and objectives. Our Financial Advisory staff works closely with Carlos and Jeff on commodities price risk management programs, as hedging often is integrated with other aspects of the financial management of producing and using companies.