CPM Group's commodity research team covers a wide range of commodities across several markets around the globe.  The firm has provided independent commodities research coverage and analysis since our inception in 1986, with members of the firm having experience in these markets that extend back to the 1970's.  Throughout this time, CPM Group has earned the reputation of being the ultimate trusted authority in the metals and commodities markets.  We are completely independent of all miners, fabricators, bullion banks, and other companies that have commercial positions in the markets.  

CPM Group's long-term analyses are based on both macroeconomic and microeconomic approaches.  CPM Group uses a top-down analysis of economic, financial, and political trends both globally and in major countries and regions to provide the umbrella overview of the economic environment in which these metals markets will develop.  This is combined with a detailed bottom-up analysis of individual sectors of supply and demand.  Our research also incorporates the company's intimate knowledge of the investment markets for precious metals, including both over the counter physical demand trends and the more transparent retail investment products.

Our work is applied research, however. It is not just supply, demand, and price trends, historical data and projections. We use our research, analysis, and knowledge of these markets for the benefits of our clients, providing them with detailed consulting to help them understand critical aspects and sectors of the markets in which they function, helping them effectively protect against adverse price moves while preserving their exposure to beneficial price moves, assisting them in corporate finance and capital raising exercises, and working with them to maximize their profits in commodities and commodities related equities.  

Precious Metals

We offer a full suite of services covering the precious metals market, including..

Specialty Metals

We are known to produce best in class research on molybdenum, vanadium, manganese, tungsten, indium, titanium, lithium, and other metals.

Base Metals

Our coverage of the base metals and markets are published monthly in our ...

Energy and Agriculture

Our energy market coverage includes Crude Oil, Gasoline, Heating Oil, and Natural Gas, and Uranium..


While many of CPM Group’s projects and services focus on individual metals or other commodities, some of our projects focus more broadly on the entirety of commodities markets.