The core of our operations are our detailed, fundamental, and macro-economically driven research into the markets for individual commodities as well as commodities as an asset class or group. This research and analysis provides the basis for all of our consulting work, providing clients with basic research, client-tailored consulting on commodities related issues, financial advisory services related to corporate and project financing, commodities management, and asset management.

Commodities Research

Commodities Research is the heart of CPM Group’s business. All of our consulting work grows out of our research into these markets and industries.


We provide in-depth expert Consulting Services to corporations, investment funds and family offices, financial institutions, central banks, government bodies, and international organizations based on our detailed research and analyses.

Financial Advisory

Our Financial Advisory business provides corporate and project finance advice in connection with a wide range of strategic and financial matters tailored to clients in the mining industry and other related natural resource industries.


Commodities Management

CPM Group provides advice and management services related to hedging commodities price exposure to producers, consumers, and processors. We assist companies in developing effective hedging programs.

Asset Management

CPM Group provides asset management services related to commodities and commodities oriented equity investments.