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Rohit Savant
Director of Research

Rohit Savant is a senior commodity analyst at CPM Group.

Mr. Savant joined CPM Group in 2005. Mr. Savant is the lead analyst for CPM Group’s Precious Metals Long-Term Market Outlooks, Precious Metals Yearbooks, and Precious Metals Advisory. These publications include in-depth analysis on: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium markets.

Mr. Savant provides consulting services for all of the precious metals on an ongoing basis to various hedge funds, individual traders, producers, and end users.

Mr. Savant has presented CPM Group’s outlook on the precious metals markets at various conferences and has been quoted extensively in the press.

According to the London Bullion Market Association 2011 Precious Metals Forecast, Mr. Savant was the most accurate platinum and palladium forecaster in 2011.