2022 Silver Market Forecast

The silver market over the past 18 months has seen prices rise sharply and then decline significantly, perplexing many bullish observers. CPM’s research had predicted both the increase and decline. The factors behind both will be reviewed in the Silver Yearbook in detail and during CPM Group's 2022 Silver Market Forecast.
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  • Jeff M. Christian

    Jeff M. Christian

    Managing Partner of CPM Group

  • Carlos Allariez Sanchez

    Carlos Allariez Sanchez

    Director of Commodities & Asset Management

  • Rohit Savant, CAIA

    Rohit Savant, CAIA

    Vice President - Research

  • Elliot Kalson

    Elliot Kalson

    Chief Operating Officer



    Special Consultant

  • Andrew Zemek

    Andrew Zemek

    Special Consultant

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